The Essential Tools You Must Have For Baking For The Big Day

If you have decided to DIY your wedding cake instead of using a bakery, there are some essential tools that you need to have. If you are an avid baker, it is likely that you already have most of these tools in your kitchen. If you are a more casual baker, it is important to know what tools are required to bake a good wedding cake.

Different Sized Cake Pans

The most important tools to have for the wedding cake are different sized cake pans. Most wedding cakes are three tiers and each tier will be a different size. It is recommended that you have two six in pans, two 8 inch pans and two 10 inch pans. Having two of each pan is essential to give the cake enough height and to have a layer of filling in each tier.

A Cake Leveler

If you have never stacked cake before, you will not realize how important it is to have a cake leveler. A cake leveler is essentially a thin wire attached to a metal arm which is used to cut a cake. You can either use it is cut a cake in half or to remove the top section of a cake to make it level. If the cake is not level, you will have a hard time stacking them and your overall wedding cake could appear lopsided.

A Metal Ruler And Spirit Level

A wedding cake is a centerpiece of the day and you will want it to be perfect. There would be nothing worse than the cake falling before anyone has a piece. This is why you need to have a metal ruler and spirit level. This will ensure that all the layers of the cake are the same height and that everything is level. If the cake is not level, you run the risk of it toppling when you move it or as it stands to wait to be cut.

An Offset Spatula

An offset spatula will make decorating your cake much easier, but you could use a knife if you wanted. This type of spatula is used to easily spread the filling for the cake and any frosting that you have. This spatula is often called a pallet knife and is long enough to give you a consistent spread to the frosting.

Rolling Pin And Fondant Smoothers

Most wedding cakes are covered in fondant which is placed over the base cakes. To get the fondant thin enough to work with the cake, you need to have a rolling pin. Once the fondant has been placed on the cake, you should use fondant smoothers to smooth it. It is possible to use your hands for this, but many bakers find that this could leave the cake looking lumpy.

Cooling Rack and Baking Rack

For uniform baking, a cooling and baking rack is a must have for anyone who is serious about making a decent cake for his/her wedding

A Cake Turntable

Decorating your cake will be much easier if you have a cake turntable. As the name suggests, this is a table which you place the cake on and turn as you work on the decorations. You can easily have the cakes on a workbench, but this tool simply makes life easier.